cherished and appreciated

Only thanks to you, our volunteers, donors and partners -
we can continue the ongoing activity to help children with epilepsy and their families

In honor of Rabbi Aharon Aberman And with him the wonderful people, directors of Lev Malka organization Greetings I don't go to write and I'm excited and thrilled the pen is dry and can't express but the heart is congested and overflows it slides on the paper and speaks from itself. We were traveling on Wednesday and Thursday, the first and second candles of Hanukkah, I didn't have time to learn the Midrash and Hanukkah stories, but I saw the miracle. I saw Beiti a lit violinist who in the morning was lying in the hospital bed in pain and receiving a dose of morphine to relieve the pain and that same day in the evening I already saw the candle turn into a torch burning fiercely laughing with pleasure at the sight of a ball bouncing off the head of a craftsman and enthusiastic about a magnet bearing her picture and admiring the followers of Sert Visionitz Cossack dance And when I saw the change in mood and feeling, it floated before my eyes. The Gemara Tractate of Vows, page 2 of Khe Atarev Dimi said: Whoever visits the sick - causes him to live, and like the act of Rabbi Akiva who came and visited his student who was sick and when he finished, his student Rabbi Hayatani said to him! And it is clear to anyone who observes that just as there is no exaggeration in other things in the Gemara, this Gemara understood simply makes him live! You are blessed to have won this!! May God help you that you will be able to continue and act, to continue to help revive and encourage sick children out of wealth, happiness and blessing in all that you do
Israel Taube and the family
in SD, In honor of the important organization "Lev Malka" We wanted to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the "fun day in Jerusalem" You did to us about two weeks ago We really enjoyed all the activities and all the attractions. Thank you very much for the warm attitude and desire for high quality The young men treated the children so nicely, with all their heart And the meal was rich as well In the inflatables and the science museum as well as in the garden We really enjoyed every moment of every second May the good Lord reward you for your work double And fulfill your wishes from heaven May you always make children and people happy And continue to reward so many kindnesses
With great appreciation from Dr. Hayman of BV
I wanted to say a big thank you to all the amazing Lev Malka team for a perfect vacation The children really enjoyed it. The attitude and warmth we received from the team was extraordinary, the help with the children, the planning, everything was perfect, again, many thanks from the bottom of my heart and sincere strength to all involved in the craft. with big love
Cohen Family
To the Lev Malka family! Tobi, back in "Orot" you really enlightened and made you happy! It can be said that there is something unique about your camps that return simply happy and calm Camp is short and to the point and gives strength to continue! Cheers, may God give you strength and joy to continue to light up the hearts! Thank you! Already waiting for the next time...
The Brandstetter family
A huge thank you to all involved in the craft The thinkers, the donors, the righteous volunteers, the staff members, the doers, the admirers and all the rest We rejoiced, cheered, rested, strengthened and even forgot Thank you and good luck!
Haim/Lev Malka, Thank you very much for the activity day in Jerusalem, it was amazing and fun everywhere we were. In the Knesset, in the restaurant with the songs and in the evening at the Western Wall it was simply amazing. Hoping and waiting for more trips. Please be in touch with us. Thank you
for Haim
To all the organizers and volunteers of the Nir Etzion winter 2015 holiday camp!!!!! We wanted to thank you for the holiday camp that took place on Hanukkah at the Nir Etzion Hotel We really enjoyed the many activities and programs and trips and all the surprises We returned home with renewed strength and full of experiences It was an unforgettable experience for the whole family!!!!! Thank you for the lovely meal at the Nir Etzion Hotel May God reward you and see blessing and success in all the work of your hands Thank you
The Brix-Haifa family
The important and wonderful organization! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the help and assistance you give with such joy, and for breaking the plan of fulfilling the wishes of the children who are recovering. We, thanks to your generous offer, went with Shlomi Nii to Miron as a compliment to Lage Ba'omer who made him a halakah in Beitar. Shloimi and the rest of the family had a special time and of course we prayed in the Holy Zion, and to finish and complete the experience we also took a nice cruise in the port of Acre. Once again, thanks for the special advice that was really relevant and in the right place. Best regards
Segal family