1. Lev Malka is committed to preserving the privacy of the surfers and those who contact this website.
  2. The principles that apply in maintaining the privacy of surfers and those who access this website are as follows:
  3. The privacy rules detailed below apply and refer only to surfing on this website and not on other websites that the surfer will reach via a link from this website. Lev Malka is not responsible for the privacy rules of those websites. The surfer from the Lev Malka site to another external site must check the privacy rules of that site(s). Any personal information provided by the surfer to that website(s) is his/her responsibility.
  4. Providing personal information is not mandatory and is not a prerequisite for browsing the Lev Malka website. Personal details, to the extent that they do not exceed what is necessary, will be requested by Lev Malka in those cases in which the surfer requests a certain service that requires his personal identification or he wishes to establish contact with him, or is necessary for registering on the website or for personal participation in a certain event organized or managed by Lev Malka.
  5. Personal details, if not necessary, will be requested by Lev Malka in those cases where the surfer requests to be informed about services provided by Lev Malka or information that it distributes from time to time.
  6. Personal information will not be transferred from Lev Malka to any other party. No personal information will be transferred from Melv Malka to commercial parties or other websites for secondary use of this information.
  7. Lev Malka will disclose personal information if required to do so by law or if there is or will be a need to do so in order to comply with the provisions of the law or by virtue of a court order or if there is or will be a need to do so to protect the safety of website users or the public good.
  8. Lev Malka will be able to use personal information for statistical and research purposes or for the purpose of its activity and promoting the goals related to its public and unique activity.
  9. Lev Malka may occasionally send by e-mail information about its activities, all of this if you sign up for one of the services.
  10. Only the laws of the State of Israel shall apply to the use of the Lev Malka website.

Clarification of disclaimer

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